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Bob Sniekers

Mittwoch, 4-3-2015  

During 2012 Bob Sniekers has been training for a kickboxing match that took place on the 1st of December 2012. This event was hosted for the Bart De Graaff Foundation which sets out to help people with a handicap who would like to start a business, but are not able to do so without the help of this foundation. The event that was hosted on the night of the 1st of December which Bob Sniekers participated in was called “bikkellen voor bikkels” which is Dutch for: “fighting for fighters” the fighters of course being the handicapped entrepreneurs!

The atmosphere was classy and tensions were high as the first fight of the night started. After a view fights it was show time for Bob Sniekers. Lights went off, a spotlight appeared in the corner of the room and the Italian rap song produced by Bob Sniekers his boxing coach blasted thru the speakers of the arena. It was time.

After three exiting rounds of boxing Bob Sniekers unfortunately lost the match. It was close but his opponent Sander Brinkhuizen won on gamepoints. Beaten and tired the boxers hugged and blessed each other like professional fighters do. It seemed an incredible experience for both fighters and let’s not forget that they raised a lot of money for handicapped entrepreneurs!

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