Looking for a camping in the Netherlands?

Montag, 13-7-2015  

KGC-campsite - Camping NetherlandsWant to go camping? The Netherlands is the best country to perfectly  fit your holiday wishes. When you are looking for a nice place to spend your holiday and you do not want to travel that far, camping in the Netherlands is your place to be! It is a wonderful country with many very different highlights for sightseeing. From the beautiful nature spots to the vivid and vibrant cities. KGC campsite offers a lot of different places to camp in nature. You can choose your camping in the Netherlands completely based on the aspects that you like and what Dutch spots and highlights you would love to visit. We offer sites in every province of the country, which are all suitable for very several preferences. Do you love to cycle? There is a perfect camping in the Netherlands for your fit! Many of the KGC campsite’s accommodations are located in an area where you have many cycle routes with beautiful views on the surrounding landscape. Cycling is, as you might know, one of the best ways to explore the Netherlands,  with its many bicycle lanes and its cycling culture. So for all the bike lovers this is an ideal place to spend the holidays. But of course, there are many more attracting things in this small country.  When you want to look for a camping in the Netherlands, you can very easily select your perfect camping by filling out your preferences. This way you know for sure you will have a wonderful holiday with all the activities you like. There are also special arrangements for example for families and 50+. Many arrangements are possible to find your perfect spot for a little peace and quiet during your holiday at a camping in the Netherlands! When you fill out your preferences you can easily find out.

Enjoy a great holiday camping in the Netherlands.

The best place to book your holiday in one of the beautiful natural areas in the Netherlands is through the site of KGC campsite.  Here you can find a camping in the Netherlands at your favourite spot. There are campings located in every province of the Netherlands. Maybe you like to near water or the sea? You can find a camping in the Netherlands to your fit! Or maybe you prefer to stay near one of the many woodlands? That is easy to find in the search box at the website. You can of course also choose to stay in the woodlands, to have an even more full nature experience. But staying at a beautiful nature spot does not mean you cannot see the vibrant cities the Netherlands has. Many places for camping in the Netherlands are also close enough to cities to  make nice day trips and maybe visit some museums. Whatever you want to do is possible and KGC campsite is the best place for you to book a nice camping in the Netherlands. You can choose what faciltities you would like to see at your campsite and what special needs you have during your holiday. These are the several preferences on which you can select:

  • preferred province
  • kind of location (woodland or near water)
  • kind of night accommodation
  • available facilities on your pitch
  • central facilities of the camping
  • childcare facilities
  • suitability for dog owners
  • accessibility with disabilities

By selecting all the preferences you have at KGC campsite’s website, you can find the best location for your holiday of camping in the Netherlands. At many of the campsites there are facilities like Wi-Fi, bike rental, restaurants, shops, swimming pool and heated sanitary facilities. You will enjoy this luxury while camping in the Netherlands and be in surrounded by nature at the same time!

Book your Dutch trip now!

Do not hesitate anymore and go surf to the booking page of KGC campsite right now! By checking the many various campsites that are offered, you can easily see which one fits you most for your holiday of camping. The Netherlands with its nice culture and the picturesque Dutch views of are a guarantee for a very nice holiday. You will not get bored when you stay here for several weeks, because this country has enough to offer. And if you want to relax near your chalet, cabin or tent, whichever accommodation you prefer, there are enough possibilities at many of the campsites. Children will also have the time of their lives at many of our locations, because of the playgrounds, indoor or outdoor, and the many recreational programs that are offered in many of the campsites. But also if you are searching for some peace and quiet while camping Netherlands, a more silent place without all these childcare facilities is also available. You can look for the several locations on the maps and look at every campsite individually. On the specific webpage of the campsite of your choice, you can also see pictures of the place. In this way you have a nice impression of the destination of your holiday. Also, on the specific webpage of the KGC campsite of your choice you can easily make a reservation. So do not hesitate anymore and already enjoy some pre-holiday excitement by surfing the website and looking at all the pictures of the perfect place to spend your holiday.

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